Tax Error Effects Some Empire Pass Owners

It has come to our attention that Summit County has made a mistake which impacts 2011 Property Taxes on over 250 properties in the Empire Pass area of Park City/Deer Valley┬«. Apparently some — not all — properties in the Empire Pass were coded incorrectly as being in Summit County versus Park City, and there are different tax rates between the two jurisdictions. This does not affect the valuation of a property, but rather the tax rate. Some properties (those incorrectly coded to Summit County) will see a tax increase, while others (those already correctly coded to Park City) will see a slight decrease, resulting in either additional tax due for 2011, or a credit towards 2012 property taxes. The following link is a radio interview with our City Manager regarding the situation:

KPCW Radio Interview

Details are still unclear and we are trying to determine the impact on the respective developments in the area. In that regard, the County has, or will be, sending revised tax notices and if you would like to discuss the implications related to your property, please feel free to contact us.

PCMR 2.14.151

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